Four places to visit during your lifetime

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Four places to visit during your lifetime

December 10, 2020 Photography 0

Everyone should have a travel bucket list. There are so many incredible places to visit around the world. Even when we live in a great country, with diverse regions and cultures, it’s good to branch out and see what the world has to offer. But it’s tough to choose between all the amazing destinations, activities and natural wonders. I would definitely say that there should be a community bucket list of places where everyone should visit. These are the must-sees in your lifetime. Even the places that might seem cliche can give you unique and memorable trips that cannot be replicated. Here are four of the top places that you should visit during your lifetime.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is comprised of hundreds of islands spread across 1,500 miles. However, most people are more familiar with the eight large islands, where the majority of Hawaii’s people reside. The Island of Hawaii, also referred to as the “Big Island” is the only active volcano in the archipelago and the home of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Of course with great wonder and awe, comes great risk. The park is closed right now due to a May 2018 earthquake and ongoing lava flows. Before planning your trip, check that the park is open and safe to explore.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an awesome place to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors. You can explore archaeological sites and cultural landscapes, go hiking, and get up close with the volcanoes. As there are active volcanoes, there is a risk of them erupting, and earthquakes can occur too. Plan a day trip from your hotel, giving you plenty of time to hike and explore the lava flows, creators, learn about the history and take some amazing photos. It’s also probably the closest experience to being on the moon, given the barren landscape, ash and creators.


Like many of our bucket list places, Alaska is not that easy to get to, despite being one of our nation’s 50 states. However, there’s a great option for many adventure travelers looking for an introduction into one of our country’s greatest treasures and the least visited state – a cruise. My recommendation for first time visitors is to take a cruise through the inside passage where you will be able to explore much of southern Alaska – Juneau, Ketchikan, Haines, etc. You’ll be exposed to many great fishing spots, the Mendenhall Glacier, native people and their culture (such as the Tlingit and their Totem Poles), and more.

Depending on your itinerary, I highly recommend an excursion to Mt. Denali National Park. The peak is the highest in North America with glaciers and wildlife abound.

Egyptian Pyramids

I began with two places that should be on everyone’s bucket list that I have already visited. The next two locations are on my personal bucket list, and I bet they are on a number of other bucket lists too.

There are few ancient wonders more iconic than the pyramids in Egypt. There are several examples of pyramids around the country, but the most famous are located in Giza. This is partly because the Giza pyramids are so well preserved, whereas many others aren’t in such good condition given the harsher climates. You will also find the Great Sphinx in Giza, a limestone carving of a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. 14.7 million people visit the pyramids every year, so if you go during the busy season, be prepared to push through selfie sticks and pay a premium for your camel ride. The archaeological preservation of many of the antiquities and ruins is significant, so plan on spending as much time indoors viewing Egypts history as outdoors. Also, the desert in the summer is hot, dry and dusty, to plan accordingly.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world. It covers much of Brazil and extends into Peru, Columbia and other countries in South America. The rainforest is an incredibly diverse environment, home to around 10 million types of plants, animals and insects (that we know of), as well as many indigenous people. You can explore the rainforest on foot or by boat, marveling at the biodiversity. However, much of the rainforests rich ecosystem is located in the canopy, high off the ground. You can actually take canopy tours ( that put you more than 100 feet up into the actual canopy. Note, this is not for the faint of heart given the height, rickety bridges, cables, and oversized bugs. But, visiting the Amazon may give you a greater appreciation for it, and how much it needs to be protected.

If you’re making a travel bucket list, don’t leave these unmissable places off it. These are just four of mine, and I hope to add many more to the list in the years to come.